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What are composite doors? 

Designed to provide better security for your home and improve the look of your property, composite front doors need next to no maintenance. You can simply fit them and enjoy their great performance and style.

Built for durability, composite doors are made from galvanised steel, making them resistant to just about anything. Their design mimics the appearance of old-style timber doors and creates an ornate, beautiful entrance for your home.

When you need to replace your front door

If your door is starting to stick and you can’t lock it without a ten-minute battle, then it’s time to think about getting a new one. These things happen when a door no longer fits its frame. Failing to do anything about it will allow precious heat to escape your home, and leave it vulnerable every time you go out.

If you’re planning to sell your home, it may be worth considering an upgrade. Your front door needs to make a good first impression on a potential buyer, who will spot a grotty door straight away.  A composite door is a worthwhile investment. It can increase the value of your home by providing greater energy efficiency and bettering your home’s security.

Are composite doors worth it? 

There are many reasons to consider upgrading your front door to a composite model. For most people, the additional security is the main benefit.  For the majority of burglars, entry to the home is gained via the front door. A composite door is double the thickness of a uPVC model, making it much more difficult for someone to break in. Composite doors come fitted with modern locks that ensure your door is locked from the moment it’s shut.

Customisation is another key benefit. Composite doors come in a range of colours. The glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) skin ensures colour lasting protection so your door will look as shiny ten years on, as it did on the first day.  At The Ken Rhodes Group, we can advise on what composite door will best fit the aesthetic of your home. For more traditional properties, we recommend the ‘cottage’ style slab finish. If you’re looking for a more modern front door, the double French door style is increasingly popular to create a wider and more open entrance to the home.

Why you should consider a composite door over uPVC 

Composite doors are built to withstand the tests of the seasons and general wear and tear from daily use. Unlike uPVC doors, composite doors won’t need replacing after a few years. They can also look much nicer than the clinical, plastic, white finish of standard uPVC door fittings.

In the case of an accident, composite doors are easier to repair than uPVC. Composite doors and side panels have replaceable glass fittings, saving you a lot of time and money. If you accidentally chip the glass panel, with a stone, while mowing the lawn you just need to replace the glass panel, not the entire door.

The Ken Rhodes Group 

At the Ken Rhodes Group, we can help you find the best replacement fitting and come and install the product for you quickly and without fuss. All our doors are tested and approved to ensure greatest energy efficiency, helping you save money and cut the cost of your heating bills.

To understand more about why a composite door is the best door replacement option for you, contact us by calling us on 01708 772222 or email us at Visit our Upminster showroom and explore our range of composite doors.