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No space to waste? Solid roofing systems can help 

Have you ever become trapped in the continuous battle for space in your home? Standing in the kitchen, not knowing quite when all the cupboards grew from full to bursting?

A glass conservatory makes the perfect day room. However, this may not always be the best option for daily usage.  A solid conservatory roofing system can transform the space and make it functional as a kitchen or living extension. You can benefit from the extra space you need, while creating a smooth transition with the rest of your home.

Conservatory roofing options: what can they offer? 

Of course, with a roof constructed entirely of translucent material, there can be the issue of being overlooked. In contrast, solid roofing can offer more privacy, making it particularly useful for anyone in terraced housing.

This type of roofing installation allows you to maintain the open feel of a glass conservatory. At the same time, you can enjoy the privacy and versatility of a tiled conservatory roof extension.

Lightweight conservatory roofing for easy installation 

If you’re thinking about installing a solid roofing system, you will need planning permission. Any structure over 70pc glass is not classified as a liveable space, but the replacement conservatory roof panels change this.

Unlike a glass conservatory, the structure must abide by building control regulations. But to make life easier for you, all roofing systems supplied by us come pre-approved. This means you have nothing to worry about! Once you’ve decided and purchased your roof, you’re ready to go.

As the solid roofing systems are lightweight, installation is easier and quicker. The roof can be fitted to a pre-existing structure eliminating the need for material removal before construction begins.

Cost effective home expansion

By re-using and re-energising existing elements of your home, a solid roofing system can save you a lot of money. It is a cost effective method for improving your home and making the most of the space you have. You can enjoy the benefits of a brand new extension but for a fraction of the cost.  The improved insulation of the inner roof of the conservatory will also help you cut the cost of your annual energy bill.

Best conservatory roof materials for a bespoke finish

Our Ultra Roof 380 conservatory is a roof system that offers you a bespoke design solution. It boasts all the benefits of a tiled roof and solid building extension.

You can choose from two designs of solid roofing: panelled or mock-tile.  Both are modular roofing systems which provide options when it comes to lighting.  Our solid roofs can support full-length window panels. With these large windows, plenty of light can come through to the room. This feature will really open up your space.

When it comes to choosing your design, there are more bespoke options. You can personalise the finish to create a look that suits you. Contact us today to discuss your options further or request a free quote, bespoke as the job itself!

Clients can speak with the team, either on the phone or by visiting the showroom in Upminster to discuss style options.