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They keep you cosy in winter

Few realise that bi-fold doors are well-insulated and weather tight. They will still keep your living room toasty throughout winter. We seal the frames with polyamide plastic to keep draughts and cold out. The process also protects the seals against water damage. You can even choose to fit your sliding doors with a master panel. This means you don’t have to slide the whole door open to go into the garden. On a miserable day, you can open it like a standard patio door. This will make it easier to go in and out and save you from spending too long outside.

Energy efficient for your home 

As we take the time to seal the frames and panels correctly, the bi-fold doors are well insulated and don’t let heat escape from your home. The glass we install in the doors has been awarded the highest energy rating by the British Federation Rating Council (BFRC). This ensures the greatest energy efficiency for your home and will help you keep the costs of heating bills down.

Sleek design 

An aluminium frame will make your bi-folds doors stronger and slimmer for a sleek minimal design. The trim between panels hides any messy seals, so it looks professionally finished. Aluminium frames have more options for customisation than UPVC frames, so you can colour match your new door to suit the rest of your home. We can work with you to help you find the best design. We build our models with slimline frames, so it doesn’t distract from the view and lets in the most light. All our bi-fold models are fitted with flushing handles that fold flat, so when the door is folded away, it looks tidy and maximises space.

Easy installation 

You can choose the number of panels you want on your bi-fold addition. The average length of a wall in your home is six metres long. Each panel is only one metre, meaning you can install a door that will cover the entire length of your walls.  We can install your bi-fold door practically anywhere. We fit the doors with aluminium sliding panels to make opening and closing them easy. You also have complete control over which direction they open in. A bi-fold patio door is a less expensive method of expanding your hosting area than building a new extension. You will enjoy the benefits of your bi-fold door all year round. It opens up your home during summer and in the winter months; you can still feel as though you’re sat in the garden but from the comfort of your living room.

The Ken Rhodes Group

We have worked in the Romford community for over 35 years. We are a family run company that specialises in double glazing, conservatory and door installation. Visit our Upminster showroom to explore our full range of products or contact us by giving us a call on 01708772222 to speak to one of our team.