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There are many factors that go into deciding which windows are right for your property and getting accurate measurements isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. To help you get the measurements you need – and get them spot on the first time around – The Ken Rhodes Group have created this short guide on how to measure for new bespoke windows. Keep reading to get started!

A step-by-step guide to measuring for new windows

The first step when measuring for new window installation is to use a tape measure to find out the height and width of the opening that will contain your new windows. If you already have windows in the opening, you can do this by measuring from the inside of one side jamb to the other. This might be a little more challenging for larger windows or bay windows, so ask friends, family, or a professional for help if necessary.

It is generally recommended to take three horizontal measurements: one at the top, one across the middle, and one at the bottom. Make sure your tape measure is level as you do this, otherwise your measurements won’t be accurate! If these figures differ, choose the smallest of the three to be your rough opening width. Next, do the same along the vertical axis. Once again, choose the lowest of the three figures to be your rough opening height.

If you don’t currently have windows, you can take a pencil or blue tack and use it to demarcate roughly where you’d like the window to go. It’s a good idea to consider the height, width, windowsill placement, and exact location of the brickwork opening when doing this.

Finding the correct depth is an essential part of measuring for new windows, as some windows will be too deep to fit into an existing window opening. Lay your tape measure horizontally and keep it level as you take measurements from the outside edge to the inside edge of your window frame or opening. Do this in several locations around the window frame and, as before, take the smallest measurement as your final dimension.

Choose a trusted window installation company

Now that you have all the necessary measurements, you can go ahead and choose windows that will fit properly into the space available. Your chosen windows should be approximately two inches narrower and two inches shorter than your measurements, as this leaves plenty of space around each side of the window for positioning and adjusting the window to fit exactly where and how you want it to.  If you take your measurements to a reputable window installation company, they will be able to provide the assistance and expert advice you need to choose the perfect windows. The Ken Rhodes Group have been improving homes in the Romford area for 35 years, satisfying customers time and time again with our high-quality products and first-rate service. Thanks to this experience, we have become experts at installing a wide range of products, including bespoke windows and double glazed windows. Contact us to discuss your requirements or get a quote online today!