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Ensuring that guttering is properly installed is an important step in providing a key defence against flooding-related issues. Soffits have a significant impact on the appearance of a property whilst providing a clear structural asset in giving protection for the eaves and rafters against wind and rain.

Overall, ensuring that these elements of a home are well-designed, professionally installed and properly maintained can have a significant impact on the appearance and value of your property. By choosing durable and low-maintenance materials such as uPVC, the functional and aesthetic benefits of this step in home improvement can be maximised in the long term.

Read more for some further information on some of the key house renovation steps that can be made to improve the style and function of your home’s roofline.


There are a number of important considerations when choosing the design for the fascia of a property. Providing a degree of structural support at the edge of the roof it is important that the material is durable and long-lasting. It is also important that the finish matches the exterior of the house as this component can have a significant impact on providing a cohesive and well-maintained look to a property.


Properly installed and well-maintained soffits can provide a worthwhile investment by averting issues with mould and damp. In addition to providing an aesthetic benefit for a property, a properly installed soffit reduces the need for maintenance of the eaves and rafters by providing protection against the elements.


With a range of options to choose from, the design of guttering for your home can offer wide-ranging benefits in providing efficient water drainage as well as adding to the finished look of a property. The guttering system that is appropriate for each house will depend on a range of factors including the structure of the house, the required capacity and the flood risk. As a contributing factor in a range of flood prevention steps, properly installed guttering provides a key defence against flooding issues.

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