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It might first be important to know exactly what home improvement entails. Essentially, home improvement consists of repair, maintenance and restoration of certain areas of a property.

At Ken Rhodes Group, we know how important it is to spruce up parts of your home from time to time, that’s why we offer a whole host of different products to help you do that. Whether you’re looking for bespoke roofs or porch installations, we have got you covered.

Whilst this is not a literal A-Z list because of some words (‘Z’ in particular!), here is a comprehensive guide to home improvement options that you could consider for your home!

Why Should You Consider Property Refurbishment?

Before we run through the list of home improvement options, it might be good to know why you should consider it in the first place. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that it improves appearance, allowing you to release your creative flair and build your dream home. Having a home that is fully updated will offer you a sense of pride and satisfaction, whilst visitors will be left feeling jealous! It can also add value to your property by having the latest technology installed. It might also be a great way for you to add some extra space to your home, whilst also making it more secure.

Aluminium Windows

Investing in a new window frame can have countless benefits. For aluminium windows, those benefits include durability, thermal efficiency and low maintenance. Aluminium windows can last around thirty years because of their resistance to outside elements which prevents them from rotting. The design of aluminium windows also allows for thermal efficiency, meaning that your house will contain the heat better in the winter months. This is particularly effective because it reduces your utility bills.

Bi-fold Doors

Allowing natural light in and connecting your outdoor area to the inside, having bi-fold doors is an effective way to improve the beauty of your home. Installing bi-fold doors for over thirty-five years, Ken Rhodes Group know exactly what it takes to give you a door design that improves your home’s curb appeal.


conservatory is a great way of bringing the outside area into your home by allowing natural light to enter. It connects your home to the garden, adds an interior ambience and allows for extra space in the house.


Considering that doors are at the forefront of every house, it’s important that this looks the part whilst also giving you practical features. For instance, having a new door can reinforce the safety of your home, whilst also helping you cut down on utility bills with energy-efficient doors. Whether you’re interested in composite or residential doors, explore Ken Rhodes Group’s range of doors today!


The primary purpose of a house extension is that it provides you with extra space. A house extension could be used for a new dining room, bedroom or even a home office. As well as making large sociable spaces, house extensions are great for modernising and improving the efficiency of your home.

Flush Sash Windows

If you have windows that have wooden frames, then flush sash windows could be the perfect replacement. These types of windows are perfect for those who are living in older style houses, the window sash sits flush within the frame. It doesn’t compromise on modern features either, with its thermal efficiency and highly secure design.


It is essential that your gutters are replaced every couple of years or so. If you have gutters that are clogged up, this makes it easier for water to enter the house. As a result, you might experience some water damage in your home. Guttering plays a vital role in the protection and appearance of your home, so it should almost certainly not be overlooked.

Home Renovation

As a result of COVID-19, the notion of working from home has become commonplace for many of us. Renovating your home by having an extension could be a great way for you to create a home office. Not only does working from home save you money on commuting, but it also means you can keep an eye on things in the house whilst you’re working, such as children or pets. Having a house extension to build an office means that you can build the perfect working environment from the comfort of your home.


It can sometimes be difficult knowing what the differences are between a conservatory and an orangery but essentially, orangeries hold the same purpose but have a much more modern look. Orangeries can be characterised by its brick structure with large windows which offers more privacy than a classic conservatory. It could be said that orangeries fall somewhere in between the style of conservatories and house extensions, by combining the privacy and insulation of an extension and coupling this with the light and airy feel of a conservatory.


It goes without saying that having a porch installation could be a great addition to any home, with its ability to improve your home’s curb appeal and enhance the ambience of your home. Porches are often the first thing people see when they step into your home, so having a sophisticated porch will make all the difference in making your guests leave with a lasting impression. As well as this, porches are a great way to store things such as shoes, brollies and keys, making your house tidier in the process.


Having a strong and secure roof is essential to keep your house comfortable and warm. If you have a roof that is ageing and is looking worse for wear, then it might develop weak spots and then start to leak. Nobody wants to live in a house where there are leaks or draughts, so it might be a good idea to look at a roof replacement as soon as you spot any weaknesses. At Ken Rhodes Group our bespoke roofs provide customers with creative freedom, allowing customers to choose from a selection of tile colours, glazing placements, glass options, roof shapes and more. Our roofs also use NASA satellite data to ensure that your roof has the capabilities to withstand wind and weather conditions that are likely to occur in your area.

Sliding Sash Windows

Known as a great alternative to traditional timber frames, sliding sash windows have a large glazed area and clean finish which would be a fitting addition to any home. Sliding sash windows are so versatile that they can complement any type of home, whether you own a rustic cottage or a modern house in the city. Not losing its roots of having a traditional appearance, a benefit of these windows is that they are available with modern uPVC systems.

Tilt and Turn Windows

One of the main benefits of having tilt and turn windows installed is that it allows flexibility when it comes to ventilation. These windows don’t need to be fully open to let air into your home, which means you have more control over how much of a draught is being let into your home. In addition, tilt and turn windows also have added safety benefits too by allowing greater access to exit the house in the event of a fire. Considering that the design offers such a large glazed area, this means that you can benefit from better light and views.

Ken Rhodes Group, The Home Renovation Company You Can Trust

If you’re looking to breathe some life back into your home, then look no further than Ken Rhodes Group. Whether you’re looking for bespoke roofs or porch installation, we have got you covered. We’re a company that holds strong values when it comes to enhancing the beauty of customers’ homes, that’s why we only offer the best products on the market. Boasting over thirty-five years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to give your house a new lease of life. If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your home, make your home more secure or become more energy-efficient, then Ken Rhodes Group are the company for you. To find out more about the products and services that we offer, then please get in touch with our team today!