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1. A new roof will make your conservatory just right

Have you struggled with your conservatory always being too hot or too cold? Consider installing new roofing glass panels that are better insulated and will boost your home’s energy efficiency.

A-rated glass roofing panels will reflect the sun in the summer, keeping the heat off your back, and will insulate your conservatory during the winter. You can sit and enjoy the limited daylight sun without your teeth chattering.

2. Installing a solid conservatory roof will completely change your space

Your new roof doesn’t have to be made of glass. You could also choose to add a lightweight mock tile solid roof to your conservatory’s pre-existing frame. For a much cheaper price than building a new extension, you could experience many of the same benefits.

A solid roof system gives you the privacy, thermal efficiency and look and feel of a regular home extension but is easy and quick to install.

As all our roofs come with pre-approved building regulation there’s no need to wait before constructing.

3. Get the seal of approval

A draughty conservatory is a big problem, but the solution could be simple. Installing new seals for the frames could mean the difference between a warm winter evening relaxing in your conservatory and the space remaining unused.

4. Replace the glass in your walls

There’s little point doing anything to your conservatory if you have old windows resting in its walls. Speak to a member of our team to discover if updating your glass to A-rated panels could help you save on bills and create a home extension that all the family can use at any time in the year.

5. Open your walls

Many people will have a Victorian style conservatory as they were the most popular design previously. This likely means your conservatory has three small walls and tightly angled corners – not the ideal set up for trying to arrange furniture and put things up to create a functional, open living space.

What you may be surprised to learn is that you don’t have to live with this. You also don’t need to tear down your existing structure and get a new one to fix it.

We can re-design your existing walls to create a square or rectangular space that will easily fit furniture and give you more room to play with.

6. Widen your fascia

Even making small tweaks can have a big impact. Widening your fascia will modernise the look of your conservatory and gives you the option of fitting external downlights or spotlights, that in the evening will create an ambient space you can enjoy by yourself, with family or with friends.

7. Consult with an expert

If you’re not sure what to do with your conservatory or what tweaks could help you get more from the space, then visit our showroom at 193 St Mary’s Lane, Upminster, RM14 3BU or call 01708 227777 and speak with a member of our team.

We can help you find the right design options to suit your needs and budget and make it a space that you’ll love to relax in all year round.