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Here are four top reasons why a conservatory is a great choice for home.

It’s cheaper than moving house

If you’re in need of additional space in your home, moving house isn’t always the most practical or cost-effective option. Alternatively, installing a conservatory will provide you with the extra space you need while often being a much better investment in terms of costs. Plus, they will add value to your property!

They create a multi purpose space

The great thing about conservatories is that they can be used in multiple ways so whether you need a large dining space or you’d like somewhere to relax, you can make it work for you. Plus, as the seasons change you can adapt the space, for example, alfresco dinners in the summer or a cosy snug in the winter.

You can let in more light

A dark and dingy home can feel uncomfortable. However, conservatories allow natural light into the home and can completely transform the look and feel by making your property so much lighter and fresher. When summer comes around you’ll have the perfect space to enjoy the beautiful weather, dine, relax and more.

They’re low maintenance

Once your new conservatory is installed they are very low maintenance. If you open for an all glass roof then you’ll need to keep this clean and ensure that guttering doesn’t become blocked as well as regularly ventilate the space to avoid mould. Apart from then there is very little required maintenance for your conservatory.

At The Ken Rhodes Group, we have been improving homes in the Romford area for 35 years! If you’re thinking of installing a conservatory then look no further than us for high-quality work and amazing customer service. All of our conservatories are bespoke and individually designed to suit your tastes and the space you have available. Get in touch with us today for more information.