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Water Stains

Water stains in the attic or in rooms are a sure sign of leaks. These may not be constant leaks but could come from ice forming under the shingles in the wintertime. Water stains can mean that damage is being done and if a leak isn’t constantly present, there may be one shortly. Water stains can also be a result of condensation which can also be destructive to the quality of the roof.

Consistent Leaks

Consistent leaking is a sure sign that the roof needs repair or replacing. If there is a constant drip, you can check to see if it might be a couple of loose shingles or some flashing torn loose. These issues could both be quickly fixed with a simple repair rather than a full replacement. If there are multiple leaks or one large one, you should have your roof inspected to see if the roof needs to be fully replaced.

Loose Shingles

Loose shingles happen naturally, either because of high winds or poor installation. One or two loose shingles don’t necessarily mean that the roof needs replacing, but if there are multiples, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.


Mould is never a good sign but when it comes to your home, it can be catastrophic if not taken care of immediately. Mould indicates issues are happening with your roof. Although you should inspect the roof to see exactly what the cause of the mould is, you may also want to bring in a professional to clean the mould and ensure there isn’t structural damage.

Structural Problems

Structural problems such as a sagging roofline may occur no matter what the age or architectural style of the home. Cracks or other stress fractures in the home’s foundation can cause issues with the roof as well. If you feel that your home has structural problems, you may want to have the rest of your home inspected. Replacing a roof without fixing any other issues would mean that the roof would need replacing more often.

When you are dealing with roof issues, it is important to bring someone in to do a full inspection and ensure you know exactly what repairs or replacements need to be done. The damage that can be done from roof issues that are not taken care of can end up being incredibly costly.

The Ken Rhodes Group

If you’re worried about your roof, contact Ken Rhodes to schedule an assessment. If your roof needs to be replaced, we can do it for you, or we can carry out repairs.