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More energy efficient

UPVC flush casement windows are fitted with multi-chambers that put more barriers between your home and the cold. With better insulation, you can keep your home warmer, for less.

Improved durability

UPVC frames are stronger and more resistant to the elements. The frame will retain its shape in any heat – no more shrinking and expanding as the seasons pass by – and prevent your windows becoming draughty.

Next to no maintenance?

UPVC flush casement windows pretty much take care of themselves. Once they’re
fitted, you can forget about them. There’s no need for an annual repaint or repair.
Simply give them a quick wipe once in a while and you’re good to go.

Authentic joint work

The windows are built using mechanical joints instead of the simple corner weld many are used to seeing on a UPVC frame. The mechanical joint improves the durability and energy-efficiency of your new windows and retains the authentic, traditional look of a timber frame.

Cost-effective construction

UPVC is a cheaper material to manufacture and install. This helps keeps costs down for you. The installation process is quicker and repairs are much easier to manage.

A sleek, clean finish

The new flush casement frames will give your home a sleek, clean finish. Your windows won’t protrude from the building – which is one reason why this window style is so popular. Once only available for timber frames, you can now select flush casement frames in UPVC as well.

No compromises on design

There are no compromises on design for the sake of better performance. You can choose from a selection of foils to personalise your windows’ finish. Choose a wood grain effect for a natural, authentic look for your property.

In the past two years, more and more people are choosing to install UPVC flush casement windows in their homes after discovering the benefits UPVC frames can offer and the wide design choices available.