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With a range of options for window frames on double-glazed windows, aluminium frames provide one of the most long-lasting options. In addition to these benefits in durability, aluminium can also provide benefits in appearance. As a result of the high strength of the material, aluminium windows can be far less bulky relative to alternative options. This provides the option for a sleek and versatile design that suits both modern and classic properties.

As aluminium is fully recyclable, installing aluminium windows represents an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. The wide-ranging benefits of aluminium windows mean that this home improvement step can help add value to your property. Opting for aluminium double-glazed windows installed by an experienced company provides peace of mind that you have invested in a cost-effective and sustainable option for long-lasting home insulation.

Read more below for more information on the benefits of double-glazed aluminium windows.

Different Options For Window Replacement
Whether you are upgrading to double-glazed windows from single-glazing or simply replacing old double-glazed windows to improve insulation, choosing from the range of different materials available for window frames is an important step. Whilst wood windows are one option, the two most popular options are uPVC and aluminium. Both options provide clear benefits over wood in terms of longevity and low maintenance requirements. A related benefit is that both materials are weather resistant and retain their shape more than wood through changing temperatures.

From a standpoint of long-term durability, aluminium windows provide a clear advantage. Whilst uPVC windows are also durable, aluminium windows can provide high-quality insulation for over 40 years without needing replacing. With clear benefits from the standpoint of low maintenance durability, aluminium windows also are favoured for their sleek, modern design. With excellent sustainability benefits as a long-lasting, fully recyclable option, aluminium window frames provide a stylish and practical home improvement option for any property.

Thermal Insulation

The key benefit of professionally installed double-glazed windows is in providing high-quality, long-lasting thermal insulation. When implemented alongside a range of other approaches to insulation throughout a property, high-quality double-glazing installation can help ensure that a property can be heated efficiently and cost-effectively. In improving the energy efficiency rating of a home, upgrading the insulation of a home can be one of the most cost-effective steps to improving the value of a property as this represents reduced living costs for prospective buyers.

Whilst modern homes are built with double-glazing installed, many older properties may still have single-glazed windows. With clear insulation benefits provided by double-glazed windows, one of the key considerations for older properties is in choosing a design that will fit with a more traditional aesthetic. Aluminium windows are popular in this context as the minimalist, classic design matches well with traditional brickwork. With heat loss providing a challenge in many older properties, aluminium double-glazed windows can provide a starting point in arriving at a solution.

In addition to reducing heat loss throughout a property, upgrading to double-glazed windows also reduces the buildup of condensation on windows. These main improvements that are seen in upgrading from single-glazing to double-glazing can also be seen when damaged or old double-glazing is replaced with newer, higher-quality double-glazed windows. Whilst the upfront costs are higher, this home improvement step can help avoid long-term maintenance costs as well as reduce energy bills.

Reduced Noise

One clear benefit of installing double-glazed windows is reducing outside noise. With an increase in remote working, this reduction in distractions can make a significant difference in the ability to focus throughout the day. If the current double glazing on your property is not effectively reducing noise it can be beneficial to explore alternative options. Upgrading the double glazing throughout your property to aluminium windows can help ensure the most cost-effective option in the long term.

For properties based near busy roads or in city centres, ensuring that the windows are reducing noise as effectively as possible is a must. In this context, it is important to choose the most durable option in order to provide the best long-term investment. This benefit provided in noise reduction is one of the key year-round improvements provided in installing high-quality double-glazed windows. Discussing noise-related issues with an experienced double-glazing specialist can be helpful in deciding on the best solution for your property.

Style And Design

The design versatility of aluminium windows clearly places them as one of the most desirable choices when installing new windows on a property. There is a wide range of colour and style options available. The strength of the material also means that the frame can remain sleek and minimalist even when supporting large panes of glass.

Overall, installing aluminium windows throughout a property provides a contemporary and cohesive look suiting modern properties with the sleek and minimalist designs also suiting classic and traditional properties. One option is to choose a different colour option for the inside and outside of the property providing the best match for your home. The qualities of aluminium as a material means that it is resistant to corrosion and rust and will retain its high-quality appearance long after installation.


As aluminium is a fully recyclable material, choosing aluminium windows prioritises long-term sustainability. The durability of aluminium windows also reduces the need to install replacement windows avoiding the energy consumption associated with the manufacture of these products. In reducing the energy usage required to heat a property there is also a clear long-term improvement in sustainability for houses with double glazing.

Choosing a recyclable material such as uPVC or aluminium for double glazing reduces the requirement for natural resources as opposed to windows with natural wood used in the window frame. As there is more scope for natural wood window frames to require replacement more frequently, this step can make a significant difference in reducing environmental impact. In addition to these environmental benefits, opting for aluminium or uPVC double-glazing also reduces the costs for maintenance and installation of new double-glazed windows.

Security Benefits

By opting for a strong and durable material in your double glazing installation you can ensure that you maximise the security benefits of this home improvement step. When choosing double-glazed windows to install throughout your property it is important to choose options with multi-point locking systems in order to provide the best security outcomes. Integrating a multi-point locking system into a durable aluminium frame provides peace of mind that your window has a strong and long-lasting system in place securing it closed.

In addition to the benefits provided in a stronger frame with an innovative locking system integrated, double-glazed windows are also stronger and more durable than traditional single-glazing. With the added benefits of long-term noise reduction and reduced energy consumption through improved installation, modern innovations in including a multipoint locking system within the frame add to the value of upgrading to modern aluminium double-glazed windows.

Get In Touch For Bespoke Window Installation
Our experienced team at Ken Rhodes Group can provide a range of high-quality double glazing installation and home improvement services. Explore our range of options for aluminium windows today or use our quick-and-easy online quoting engine to get a quote based on your window installation requirements. With a wide range of options for varying design and sizing specifications, our services are tailored to your double-glazing installation needs.

One of the key benefits of aluminium windows is the range of colour options meaning that you can choose the option that best matches the design needs of your property whether traditional or modern. With secure multi-point locking mechanisms integrated into our professionally installed windows, Ken Rhodes’ aluminium windows provide a practical and aesthetic long-term investment in a property. For more information on aluminium double-glazing installation, get in touch with our team today by calling 01708 227 777 or emailing