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If your home still has single glazing, you might be wondering how much warmer you could be with double glazing. In the UK, around 7% of homes still aren’t benefiting from double glazing and this could be affecting their home’s comfort levels as well as their energy bills. Did you know that around 18% of the heat lost from a house is from its windows and that heat is lost through single glazing almost twice as fast as that of double glazing? So what does this mean for you? Your home could get colder quicker during the winter months, storms outside might mean draughts inside and you’ll have to turn the heating on much more compared to your neighbours who have double glazing. This will hit your energy bills and is also bad news for your carbon footprint and the environment. Double glazing will make a huge difference to the warmth and comfort levels in your home but it can also help your wallet too.

front view of upvc new build

How much money could I save with double glazing?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, single glazing that is replaced with A-rated double glazed windows in a semi-detached house could see energy bills savings of up to £195 a year. More than 300kg of carbon dioxide will also be prevented from escaping.

Does my double glazing need replacing?

If you already have double glazing but it’s quite old or damaged, your windows could need replacing for you to feel the true benefits of double glazing. Here are some of the signs to look out for that could mean your double glazing needs replacing:

PVC-u window next to flowers

  • When it rains, water leaks through your windows. This could suggest that the seals have failed.
  • Your windows have condensation in between the two panes. This again means that the seal is compromised as the gas cavity between the two windows is no longer sealed.
  • There are cracks or chips in the glass. While this may not seem like a big problem if it’s a small crack, overtime it could worsen and lead to draughts, condensation or further breakage.
  • If you’re noticing draughts around your window this could mean that the seal is damaged or there is a crack somewhere.

In all of these situations, replacing your windows with modern and more effective double glazing is the only way to ensure your home stays draught free.

Here at Ken Rhodes, we provide a wide range of A+rated double glazing as well as doors, conservatories and orangeries across Essex. If you’d like to find out more about how our home improvement products can help keep your home warm, get in touch for a free quote!