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In a recently published report, both the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and British Glass have stated that, if the UK is to meet its net zero target by 2050, a colossal 80 million home windows will need to be replaced nationwide.

The report, titled ‘A Window of Opportunity’, has highlighted the inefficiency of the UK’s windows, and the urgent need for replacements.

But is the energy efficiency of UK windows really that critical?

Why is this report so relevant to UK homeowners?

Even the highest quality windows gradually degrade over time, so it is vital to replace your double glazing when it begins to show signs of poor thermal efficiency. Signs your double glazed windows need replacing include condensation between the pane of glass, excessive heat loss and draughts.

Poor thermal efficiency of windows means that excess energy is expended in heating and cooling buildings unnecessarily. With properly insulated windows and doors, houses will be able to retain heat and require less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures.

deceuninck window exterior

The journey to net zero by 2050

The goal of reaching net zero by 2050 is an ambitious one designed to reduce the damage caused by carbon emissions. These efforts are crucial for our planet and our wellbeing.

Given that residential homes contribute to 24% of the UK’s carbon emissions, energy efficient solutions for UK homes are essential.

Currently, the amount of energy needed to keep homes at comfortable temperatures is a huge barrier in reaching net zero by 2050.

There is, however, another huge benefit to upgrading your windows

Lower heating bills

An energy efficient home means that more warm air is retained during the colder months, and cooler air during the summer months.

This means that less energy use is needed and homeowners can experience lower energy bills as a result – according to “A Window of Opportunity”, homes fitted with new windows could save up to £395 per year!

What are the other benefits of energy efficient window replacement?

Energy efficient window replacement offers several benefits as well as reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills. Replacing your double glazing can result in improved comfort by minimising heat loss and draughts, increased noise insulation and enhanced curb appeal.

Energy efficient window replacements from Ken Rhodes

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