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As a homeowner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance your property. Installing new windows can be an excellent home improvement solution, and choosing the best glazing is so important.

Single glazing and double glazing come with various pros and cons, so we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Read on below to discover which glazing is the best option for you.

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What is window glazing?

Glazing refers to the pane of glass encased within a window frame, which can be either single or double.

The thermal performance of windows is influenced by various factors, such as the installation quality and frame material, such as uPVC, timber and aluminium.

Windows with multiple glass panes provide the best insulation. Double glazing, or windows with two panes of glass, are the most common window type in the UK.

Double glazing vs single glazing

What is single glazing?

A single glaze refers to a window with a single pane of glass. They are typically found in older buildings, and used in special instances such as when you want decorative tempered or stained glass installed.

What are the pros of single glazing?

  • In strict conservation areas, often only single glazing is allowed to be installed. These areas protect special historical and architectural properties and this means single glazing can be utilised to properly maintain and conserve listed buildings.


  • Single glazing is also much cheaper to buy and install as it’s made using less glass and thinner frames.

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What are the cons of single glazing?

  • Single glazing offers poor insulation. Heat easily escapes through single-glazed windows, so if it’s colder outside you can lose a lot of heat from your home. With rising energy costs, single glazing lacks the thermal efficiency to save you money.


  • Sounds can travel more easily through single glazed windows as single glazing is thinner. One sheet of glass in single-glazed windows does not offer adequate sound insulation.


  • Single glazing is not as durable as double glazing. Single-glazed windows can be extremely fragile, flimsy, and prone to breakage. They can even shatter on impact.


  • Leading on from this, single glazing is not as safe as double glazing. Single glazed windows cannot offer the same level of security for your home, as they are easier to break.


  • Single glazing is not energy-efficient, as it lacks multiple insulative layers and causes significant energy loss.


  • Single glazing is also prone to condensation. When warm air cools down on a cold surface it condenses, turning into a layer of water. The thinness of single glazing means it often acts as a cool surface and subsequently causes condensation.

What is double glazing?

A double glaze refers to a window with two sheets of glass and a space in the middle. The small space between the two glass panes is either filled with inert gas or an airtight vacuum, creating a highly insulative window structure that helps keep homes warm and secure.

What are the pros of double glazing?

  • Double glazing offers an exceptional level of insulation. The small space between the two glass panes makes it difficult for heat to transfer through the window, and acts as an insulative barrier between the outside environment and the inside of your property. This means when you heat your home, double glazing keeps it cosy and prevents heat loss by trapping warm air inside, ideal in those cold winter months.


  • Just as double glazing insulates heat, it also insulates sound. The added thickness and extra insulation provided by the double glaze helps with noise reduction, keeping your home calmer and quieter.


  • Double glazing is highly energy efficient, helping your home retain heat for longer due to a slowed thermal transfer. This means less energy output will be needed to heat your property, reducing the cost of your heating bills.


  • Double glazing is much stronger, with a secure structure featuring two sheets of glass. This makes it significantly more difficult to break, especially on impact.


  • Leading on from this, double glazed windows are the safer option for your home as they’re harder to break, with a tougher, thicker design.


  • Condensation is limited with double glazing due to the insulative layer of gas or air between the panes.

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What are the cons of double glazing?

  • Double glazing is more expensive than single glazing, as it requires twice as much glass to be constructed, holds a more complicated design, and needs a bigger frame for installation. However, the insulating properties should allow you to recoup on your investment in the long run, with lower energy bills, higher thermal performance, and better security for added peace of mind.


  • Additionally, repairing double glazed windows is more difficult due to the added insulative space between the panes. This means if your double-glazed windows become damaged, they may need to be replaced entirely.

What’s the best choice of glazing?

After evaluating the features of both single and double glazing, it’s evident that double glazing is the superior choice.

Double glazing provides better insulation, energy efficiency and security for your home.

Double glazed windows have a stronger structure that’s reinforced by two glass panes, enhancing your home’s safety and improving its thermal performance, ultimately making it the most cost-effective option long term.

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